The owner of Powernegen is Wijnand Schoenmakers, who has been active in the Magic the Gathering scene since the 90s, initially mainly as a collector and later as a trader.

As a collector I started collecting all imaginable MTG sets but there has always been a love for the sets that nowadays fall under the 93/94 Oldschool scene.

Because of this preference I often bought Oldschool collections from people who were going to stop long before the current Oldschool Community in the Netherlands even existed.

At a certain point I noticed that the argument for quitting was often that there were no more players who played with the old cards and that the hobby was ended due to a lack of players. At the time I brought quite a few people into contact with each other and I am proud that partly because of this I made a modest contribution to the creation of the Oldschool community.

After the rise of the live community in 2017, I became the regular dealer at some of the most famous Dutch Oldschool tournaments and as a result so many extra contacts and friendships were created that came on top of my international network, which made me more and more busy as a trader and the community me more and more often managed to find for their Oldschool needs.

Due to the corona pandemic, the live tournaments have come to a standstill, but I nevertheless became increasingly busy with appointments, scan requests, inventory checkups, etc. This proved increasingly difficult to combine with my current work in IT and the existing cardmarket shops, so I decided to do this. A website where I have a part of my 93/94 inventory online including scans and thus can operate my network in a more efficient and professional way.

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